ACTS Corporation offers a full range of services designed to meet the certification needs of the association community. Our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations. We specialize in working with small to medium-sized certification programs with limited budgets. How does ACTS provide such high-quality services for such a low price? By charging our clients only for the services they use. We do not charge flat fees for program administration. Whether you certify 100 candidates per year or 10,000, we have a package suited for your specific needs.

Paper-and-Pencil Administration

Clients can use the advanced applications of ACTS' TestManager (link) software to administer their paper-and-pencil examinations. This allows clients to take advantage of the software's features without having to convert to an online testing. These include:

  • Sophisticated reporting for test and item analysis
  • Question sequence and randomization
  • Answer sequence randomization
  • Test built from question pool
  • 7 question formats
  • Multiple scoring options

ACTS can arrange for proctors, customize answer sheets, print and track examination materials, ensure secure storage and shipment of exam materials, and verify candidate identification, saving both time and money.

Online Testing

With ACTS' TestManager (link) software, non-technical professionals can create sophisticated exams where questions and answers can include graphics, audio, and video. ACTS can provide you with the robust, feature-rich qualities of TestManager and the security of proctored exam sites in any city across the US and Canada, or in major cities in 14 other countries.

Scoring and Analysis

ACTS produces diagnostic score reports outlining the performance of each candidate. This allows candidates to evaluate how well they did on each section of the exam for future study efforts. In addition, a report is generated detailing the pool of candidates' responses to each question. The client can then assess the effectiveness of each test question on an ongoing basis and determine if questions need to be updated or replaced.

Examination Development

Our team of experienced psychometricians, ACTS can help organizations create a reliable examination that accurately measures the knowledge and skill sets of any profession. Our professionals will take you every step of the way including:

  • Job/task analysis and role delineation studies
  • Development of test specifications
  • Item writing workshops
  • Test construction workshops
  • Content validation studies
  • Editorial and psychometric review of items
  • Item banking and exam production
  • Development of candidate handouts and study guides
  • Exam printing

Item Banking

ACTS' secure server can house your association's item bank. For each item, we will create a unique code and store important information such as the validation data, a reference, and question history.

Psychometric Consultation

Our professional psychometricians have a wealth of experience with credentialing, and are committed to improving our clients' certification programs. They are available to assist your organization with any aspect of the test development and evaluation process.

Survey Services

SurveyManager (link) can be used to conduct online surveys, saving organizations the time and cost of mail surveys. Its many uses for associations include membership surveys, convention follow-up surveys, and course evaluations, just to name of few. The benefits of SurveyManager to associations include:

· Increase in Response Rate
Users of SurveyManager can expect a five to ten-fold increase in response rate over mail surveys.

· Decrease in Staff Time
ACTS staff will provide assistance in developing and conducting the survey.

· Tight Security
Surveys are hosted on a secured web site where only authorized individuals have access to the results.

· Cost Savings
Clients report saving 70% over the expense of doing mail surveys.

· Flexibility
A variety of question and response types can be created.

· Global Application
Surveys can be conducted in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Online Elections

Is your association looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage your annual elections? Online elections are the wave of the future and ACTS has the experience and technical expertise to take you every step of the way. We can notify the membership of the candidates and their platforms, communicate the election procedures, guide members through the voting process, and tally the election results. The benefits of online elections include:

  • Increased security through secured web, cloud, and/or mobile app voting
  • Decreased lead time for the election process
  • Cost savings over mailing ballots
  • A more accurate ballot count than hand counting
  • Less staff time required for conducting an election

Education/Distance Learning


In partnership with your subject matter experts, ACTS' educational consultants can assist you with the development of courses and training materials. Our consultants have a wealth of experience designing educational programs specifically within the association industry. We can plan seminars, hands-on training programs, workshops, and leadership retreats to meet the unique needs of your association.

Distance Learning

In today's world, more associations are transitioning to distance learning as a means to provide professional development programming to their members. While most associations desire to move into the realm of distance learning, many run into roadblocks. One of the most common roadblocks is the large price tag for course development. At ACTS, we guarantee to create the high-quality distance learning program you desire at a price you can afford. We provide a wide range of multimedia services (link). Our customized multimedia computer-based training options enhance, and in some cases replace, existing training delivery systems. 

Cloud Services and Mobile Apps 

ACTS Corporation can design and implement your website and your customized mobile app according to your business needs and budgetary limits. Our emphasis is on business alignment, security, performance, availability, appearance, and value. ACTS will help your association stay on the competitive edge.