ACTS Corporation offers a broad range of services and software designed to meet the needs of our corporate clients. For over two decades we have established an impressive track record of helping our clients successfully deploy Information Technology (IT) solutions.


In the IT Services arena, we offer research, planning, and implementation services in a number of different areas, including:

  • Application Development
  • Application Services Provider
  • Automated Operations
  • Best Practices Groups
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Distance Learning
  • Education and Training Assessment
  • eBusiness and Web Services
  • IT Architecture
  • IT Strategy
  • Open Systems
  • Operational Benchmarks
  • Performance Measurement and Tuning


ACTS software products include:

Online Testing

The world of corporate education is long on lecture and short on measuring the learner's progress. Why? Simply because developing and delivering tests has always been an expensive process. ACTS' TestManager (link) software makes testing much, much easier. For example, non-technical professionals can create and deliver sophisticated exams where questions and answers can include graphics, audio, and video. Scoring is automated and so is reporting. Whether the learner is a sales rep or a technician, individual results by subject area show who is "getting it" and who isn't. Thus remedial activity can be more effectively targeted. Are you concerned about a test's effectiveness? No problem, the test author(s) can easily view aggregrate results to assess the effectiveness of each test question on an ongoing basis and determine if questions need to be updated or replaced.

Online Surveys

SurveyManager (link) can be used to conduct online surveys, saving organizations the time and cost of mail surveys. Its many uses for corporations include employee satisfaction surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, and training evaluations, just to name a few. The benefits of using SurveyManager for online surveys include:

· Increase in Response Rate
Users of SurveyManager can expect a five to ten-fold increase in response rate over mail surveys.

· Decrease in Staff Time
ACTS staff will provide assistance in developing and conducting the survey.

· Tight Security
Surveys are hosted on a secured web site where only authorized individuals have access to the results.

· Cost Savings
Clients report saving 70% over the expense of doing mail surveys.

· Flexibility
A variety of question and response types can be created.

· Global Application
Surveys can be conducted in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Online Elections

Are you looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage an election process? ACTS has the experience and technical expertise to take you every step of the way. We can notify participants about the candidates and their platforms, communicate the election procedures, guide them through the voting process, and tally the election results. The benefits of online elections include:

  • TestManager
  • SurveyManager
  • VotingManager
    • Increased security through secured web hosting
    • Decreased lead time needed for the election process
    • Cost savings over mailing ballots
    • A more accurate ballot count than hand counting
    • Less staff time required for conducting an election