Whether you're working at the K-12 or University level, ACTS offers a comprehensive training solution called Mastering IT. Please Click Here to begin your career in IT.

We also offer a number of solutions to make teachers and professors more productive, even those that are adverse to using technology!

How Do you Like your Existing Tool Set?

Has your existing technology delivered the productivity gains you were expecting? Are the tools you've been provided hard to use? Do they require you to set up an entire course when all you want to do is deliver a simple test or survey? At the University level, would you like to find fool-proof way to have all students fill out a course or instructor evaluation and still be able to protect their anonymity? If you answered YES to any of these questions, please read on!

Deliver Tests, Quizzes, Exams, or Surveys Online

ACTS Corporation offers software products designed to let you leverage the power of technology without the involvement of tech support personnel. Whether you want to work online or offline, our tools make you more productive in authoring and delivering tests.

Paper-and-Pencil Testing

Let us make your life easier, even if you prefer to give tests on paper. You can use the advanced applications of ACTS' TestManager (link) software to administer paper-and-pencil testing. Take advantage of these software's features:

  • Sophisticated reporting for test and item analysis
  • Question sequence randomization
  • Answer sequence randomization
  • Test built from question pool
  • 7 question formats
  • Multiple scoring options
  • Control test composition by subject area

Online Testing

With ACTS' TestManager (link) software, non-technical educators can create sophisticated exams where questions and answers can include graphics, audio, and video. In TestManager, ACTS has provided you with the robust, feature-rich qualities of a state-of-the-art solution.

Scoring and Analysis

TestManager produces diagnostic score reports outlining the performance of each student. This allows students to evaluate how well they did on each section of the exam for future study efforts. In addition, a report is generated detailing the pool of students' responses to each question. The client can then assess the effectiveness of each test question on an ongoing basis and determine if questions need to be updated or replaced.

Item Banking

TestManager organizes your item bank. For each item, we will create a unique code and store important information such as the validation data, a reference, and question history.

Higher Response Rates on Course and Instructor Evaluations

For fear of reprisal, student's just don't want to risk giving negative about their course or instructor, so they don't fill out the evaluation forms. Not a problem, just link your evaluation in with the final exam. In this manner, students have to go through the form before they can take the test. Assuring them of anonymity increases the likelihood you'll get honest feedback.

Survey Capabilities

SurveyManager (link) can be used to conduct online surveys, saving organizations the time and cost of mail surveys. Its many uses for associations include research surveys, parental surveys, and course evaluations, just to name of few. The benefits of SurveyManager to associations include:

  • Increase in Response Rate
    Users of SurveyManager can expect a five to ten-fold increase in response rate over mail surveys.
  • Decrease in Admin Time
    No need to spend precious time coordinating survey mailings.
  • Quick Turnaround
    Start seeing survey results in a matter of hours.

  • Tight Security
    Surveys are hosted on a secured web site where only authorized individuals have access to the results.

  • Cost Savings
    Clients report saving 70% over the expense of doing mail surveys.
  • Flexibility
    A variety of question and response types can be created.

  • Global Application
    Surveys can be conducted in any language.
  • Sophisticated Reporting and Data Analysis
    A variety of reports are available with the click of a mouse.

Online/Distance Learning

In today's world, more educational institutions are transitioning to online/distance learning as a means of expanding their reach. TestManager and SurveyManager are designed to compliment your existing content delivery systems and learning management systems. Need a custom interface? You will be pleased with how responsive we can be to help you solve your unique problems.