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We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to get a good paying job in information technology- from freshly graduated high school students to professionals looking for a broader skillset. Join us and fly up to your new career!

Our Goals


Assisting anyone with a goal to start or maximize the earnings of a career in IT.


Augmenting anyone’s knowledge, education, and skills with practical knowledge and curation of content from outside sources.


Achieving more in less time and for a fraction of the cost of a degree or private education alternatives.


Accentuating the skills and disciplines necessary to become an accomplished professional, entrepreneur, innovator, and leader.

We pledge...

To provide a comprehensive practical curriculum that instills the essential knowledge and skills necessary for anyone to launch an Information Technology career or enhance an existing one. To raise up competent independent-thinking leaders who will now understand best practices and possess the actionable knowledge to make a positive and powerful impact wherever their destiny takes them.